Rodney Jensen

Born and raised in Rockford Illinois, surrounded by music his entire life. His passion for singing began at a young age. He entered singing competitions at the age of 10 belting out to Bad Company  "Rock N Roll Fantasy"  with a strong voice that had the audience's undivided attention. 

Over the years he found his strong vocal point hitting notes that many couldn't hit. He was into the heavy metal/hard rock/punk genre. Jamming to bands such as the The Kinks, The Doors, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath & Riot to name a few.

He and some good buddies would often get together and have jam sessions in the garage carrying into the early morning. When he wasn't working he would hit the scenes to sing , again having the audiences undivided attention.

He relocated to the Branson area of Missouri and at that time began writing songs. Stepping out of his roots he decided to give country a try, being told he sounds like Toby Keith. His songs became hits with all the locals, as he wrote his songs that pertained to real life situations with people he knew. Hitting the scenes and performing he acquired more fans and followers.

 He recorded his first CD in 2011 titled "Truck Dog and Me"  with it being featured on itunes.  He  released his second  CD in 2013 titled "A Special Place In Heaven" Rodney wrote, directed and helped  produce his own videos from his first CD featuring Get Outta Here, House Party & She's Crazy, available on youtube. "Get Outta Here" went viral with over 2.2 million views!  You can usually find him on the number one spot for Reverbnation. 

Going back to his roots of Rock N Roll he began writing and singing for his first ROCK album in mid 2019.  Shortly after this project began our Nation was hit hard with the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, sadly but safely recording had to be put on hold.  Though disappointed recording had to stop,  it clearly became a Blessing in disguise!  Song writing took off even more,  to a level  we never anticipated! We began recording again and are overly anxious to release this  ROCKIN album!

                                                                                                COMING SOON!!!

Stay Safe & Healthy!

Peace, Love & Rock On!